Backgrounds and sounds not working on iPhone 5s, iOS 7.0.1


Just got his game on my iPhone and it seem like many of the textures and the sounds fail to load. I can move Frogatto fine, but the title screen is totally white except for Frogatto and the two doors. The menu text is also just a garble. I have tried reinstalling twice to no avail.


Weird. I don’t think any of us actually own an iPhone 5s, but… drat, it should work. :frowning:


It seems unlikely we’ll be able to make Frogatto work for you in a timely manner - we’ll only work on new mobile builds after the current release cycle, probably around February next year. We will eventually get back to you and deal with any issues we may face on iOS7/iPhone5s, but that may take a while.

You could ask for a refund, or… hopefully wait :
(also talked to you by PM)