Airplane Kitty is MUCH more difficult than it used to be due to hit detection


I’m playing through the game again, and I am having trouble beating Airplane Kitty even on Casual mode. The issue is that the hit detection is off, so even missiles that are aimed at and hit the boss generally have no effect. I’ve tried hitting the boss from behind, from in front, and (unsuccessully) a lob hitting the boss from above. There appears to be no pattern to whether or not a hit will be credited. As such, I have only been able to beat the boss once since the hit detection change.


I looked at your post log, and you’re compiling from git. I suggest if you want a seamless play experience, play on the 1.3_stable branch.

I suspect what you’re seeing here is a grossly unfinished refactor I’m halfways into.


Ah, yes, I see what you mean. Jetrel is just gutting the damage system at the moment, in preparation for making it awesome. 1.3 is your best bet, atm. :slight_smile:


Heh, Jet’s too fast.

Yeah, as said, there has been a recent refactor to add logic that detects what killed an enemy, so we can customize death sound effects, graphical effects, etc.
Maybe even item drops, who knows.
There are some enemies that still expect some bits from the old damage mechanics, so they might be immune to damage for the time being. We’ve fixed the purple shooting plant recently, but there are other enemies to fix.
At the moment, if you run

the game will be in a completable state.
Then again, master IS the branch for which testing would be more beneficial, so thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile:


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