After Summer (concerning some new stuff)


Probably this level (aftersummer) was made only for testing, but whoever created it is a sadist. This level is sick and I enjoyed it. :wink:

Especially the Ninja Kitty is fun to fight, a great new enemy! - However, they’re not so much fun anymore after you found out you just have to keep close to it and the ninja won’t harm you anymore. Maybe make it slash when you’re close, too (with some delay, perhaps, so it doesn’t get too hard - or even cooler would be a kick that keeps you at distance without doing damage).

The wart flies sometimes make you “jump” higher than seems reasonable… it feels wrong, really.

Maybe rather a bug: frogatto sometimes gets stuck on those moving chainway platforms (happened to me especially on the second one - he can jump, but not walk) and more rarely, frogatto seems to fall through a platform when jumping on it while it’s moving upwards (especially fourth platform).

Anyway: I see enjoyable challenges coming along… :smiley:


This was a hack to fix the below, but it doesn’t always work; You’d fall through more often otherwise, though.

Also, sure, let’s have a look at the ninja. I’m not sure he was meant to give Frogatto a sporting chance. :wink:


I made after-summer a while back, as, indeed, a test to see how all the new dungeon elements could work in a level. It’s still very ‘test’-y, I think, but I’m glad you had fun with it! I must be on to something. :smiley:
Regarding the platforms: Yeah, not sure how to fix that actually. There is some sort of stupid lag in the physics that means you aren’t properly attached to moving platforms. The wartflies, however, those we can tweak fairly easily. I think it’s just a matter of putting a cap on their rebound energy? Perhaps pushing the bug down would be a good idea as well.