Achievement Testing


Well, if he’s going to be able to jump that high, you’re at least going to need to take out the line of text about not being able to fly. Because Frogatto can flyyyyy! It does make some of the editor levels more playable though.


1033 coins, 7 whole hearts, 1 piece of a heart

I somehow missed a coin on Burn and Bubble. The odd part is that in the text file I loaded earlier, I had the correct coin count for the level. I played the level from fresh and there are 37 coins on that level, INCLUDING the one I missed. Because the total I had from adding up all the levels before was 1032, I’m guessing that while I collected 36 coins originally on Burn and Bubble, but counted 37, I collected an additional coin on some other level and counted short.

I’ve uploaded the edited level info, which also includes a fixed typo on one of the castle levels.

Anyway, the total is updated, but I don’t know which level I counted short. Anyone happens to know, that would help.

frogatto level info.rtf (2.7 KB)


That is a lot of coins. :slight_smile: