Achievement Brainstorming


oo; good one


Bad Luck Brian Die, while Milgram needed only one more hit to defeat him
The Joker Suffer damage from acid and get out of it with only half an heart left
Good Guy Greg Complete the sidequests from Nene and Mortimer
Paranoid Parrot Save the game 20 times at the same savepoint
Collect all the money!
Scrooge McQuak Complete the game without spending any money

thats enough internet / meme / nerd related stuff for me :o


Replace the “Nice try…” achievement, as there are other similarly conspicuous pits for frogatto to fall into, into one that’s awarded to the player for trying to kill Berd by destroying the bridge block he’s standing on.
Berd should be able to fly away just in time, going up, then to the left to berate Frogatto.




For killing a bat with bubbles… maybe one of these:
Ironic Fishing
Fighting Evolution
Death from Below


I thought I fixed bubbles leaving the water. :-\


Indeed they don’t leave the water - this is for when a bat goes fishing.


Unless the demo is different, this is actually very, very easy to do. Mashing the tongue button will do it.

In addition, any achievements which are given to player for failing enough, i.e. dieing, don’t add anything. I’ve played Ys: Oath in Falghana, and it had an achievement for dieing to the same boss 8 times in a row. This was incredibly easy, since the game is hard.

You could set the requirement to be higher, but this a) punishes those who are truly bad even more, b) makes it into a grind of an achievement for those who are good at the game.

Hypothesis Proven: Frogs are Invincible: Clear the game without dieing.


Armed to the Throat: hold four thunder melons in your belly.
Full Palette/Taste the Rainbow: hold three ants of different colors in your belly.