Achievement Brainstorming


We have a thousand points which may be split between the achievements we put in.

Stuff Mart: Buy every item in game.


[quote=“C. Bob, post:8, topic:100”]The airplane boss/golden ant thing is easy; I just did it a moment ago.

Only took one failed attempt before I succeeded.[/quote]

Out of pure curiosity, WHY would anyone do this?


[quote=“DDR, post:15, topic:100”][table]
[tr][td]A&B Pest Control:[/td][td]Eliminate the ants from Nene’s basement… twice.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Pithed:[/td][td]Don’t move for an hour.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Hydrophobia:[/td][td]Exit the water faster than should be possible.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]PH Blindness: Snoozed Chem 10: Failed the Litimus Test:[/td][td]Die five times in the same pool of acid.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Porch Light Moth:[/td][td]Walk into a wall for 60 seconds solid.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Roman Repeat:[/td][td]Loose all your health over a period of 120 seconds without falling off the screen or doing any damage.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Elf:[/td][td]Don’t kill any plants in the forest.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]London Frog:[/td][td]Blow yourself up (dead) with a spat thundermelon.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Sunstruck: Heatstroke: Water…:[/td][td]Die in the desert with a pool of water in view.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Headache:[/td][td]Hit your head on the roof 10 times in 60 seconds.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Artist: Obsessive:[/td][td]Spend three hours actively editing the same level in the editor.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cat Hater:[/td][td]Kill *2[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cat Lover:[/td][td]Kill less than half the cats in the game.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Annoyance: Pest:[/td][td]Repeat the same line of static dialogue five times, back to back.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Sir Robin:[/td][td]Return to the forest by foot from Milgram’s tower. (monty python & the quest for the holy grail ref.)[/td][/tr]

I like the list (you don’t want to know how many I’ve already done, which I think is a good sign), and love the Sir Robin idea, but the I also really like that the level before Milgram you can only go forward, not back. That you have to use the map to move if you want to go back…I think that’s a really hard level and collecting the coins would be much easier if you could go backwards. Do you mean backwards from the beginning of the The Entrance? Cause somehow that lacks the same charm. :frowning: I don’t know, maybe it would be possible to tweak the level so you could jump from the end to the beginning of Dungeon Blocks so you could go backwards through the castle without cheating on that level…idk.

What plants do people kill in the forest? But that gives me a few good ideas:

–Land on every single branch in the forest
–Kill every (whats the name of the jumping bug with horns) by LEADING it to it’s death – drowning or letting it fall down a dark hole, not throwing it, not shooting it, not stomping it, it has to walk into it’s death happily chasing you
–Stay out of the thorns --never land in the thorns
–Turn all the land beetles into water beetles
–Go through a level and don’t spend more then x seconds on the ground (including water)–i.e. jump from object to object–branch to branch, use anything that’s not whatever the ground is made of, cupboards, even ride on a bug if you need to
–Ride a bug for a x minutes

These are all based on things already in the game that probably wouldn’t need changing, though it would be cool if after you landed on a branch it changed somehow–cause otherwise that’s a lot of branches to attempt to keep track of.


[quote=“DDR, post:21, topic:100”]We have a thousand points which may be split between the achievements we put in.

Stuff Mart: Buy every item in game.[/quote]

Can’t currently be done, the tongue extender keeps regenerating. And I’m not sure it’s the best idea. Being able to buy out the shop is a classic achievement. Not being able to do so kept me playing and looking for every single silly coin and trying ridiculous jumps over and over. I think the shop should be expanded so that you have choices, and maybe ways to have coins regenerate or something, but often once I buy out the shop and do some of the other achievements I find fun or hard, I’m done. It puts a finality to the game that you don’t want, particularly on this kind of platform.

Just my opinion though.


It would be nice if the one-way level could be reversed. Currently, what I had in mind for the ‘Sir Robin’ achievement is not possible. If I can’t figure out a way to reverse the flow of the blocks in FML, I’ll add in another level to take you back. :-\

OK, ‘Stuff Mart’ is out.

There are a few items in your list, tartaros, which I don’t think I can (sanely) check for. The branch idea, for instance, I could write a function for frogatto so that, every time you pressed ‘d’ or something, it would record the location of the branch. But… someone would have to go through the levels and press ‘d’ on all branches. In addition, I’d probably make the internal condition something like ‘95% of branches’, because… well, without a bit of wiggle room, I think it would be flat-out impossible. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the bug thing, what would you think of an achievement called ‘Dr. Strangelove’. Ride (stand or (hop x5)) on a bombing bug, then kill it. Hm, better conditions could be though of.

[EDIT]: OK, on further testing, I find that, indeed, you actually can make it back through dungeon-blocks without any modification.


Just tried it myself…didn’t realize that any time you entered the room, the white blocks started at the beginning again. To do that level completely I thought you either had to get it in one go, or use the map to go one step back and get all the way back to the level. I feel stupid now.

The branch idea…(Tree Hopper?) does require modification to remember which branches have been landed on. When frogatto collects a coin, the coin disappears from the game. If the branches were modified, given something, like numbers or something, so that when frogatto landed on them he “collected” the branch or in this case the record of landing on the branch, I think that might be an easier modification to pull off and easier for players. The reason I suggested this one is because I’m pretty sure I landed on if not every single branch, close to it, in my quest to try and find every coin and every everything.

It would be cool to at least have a stat of how many of the branches you’d hit (which makes it an unofficial goal) so why not make it an official goal, — it’s one of those ocd type goals and one that actually takes time–going back through levels and trying, instead of just standing in one place and saving the game over and over or killing yourself.

Speaking of which, having great stats would be another great thing, both for new platforms, and for the current ones. Things like how many bugs killed (of which type), how long played, longest time gone without a hit, longest time gone without dying, fastest times, coins collected, etc.

Obviously some of these are goals also – once you hit X, you’ve reached the goal. But the nice part about stats is you can see where you are in terms of goals, (working towards them, having passed them) and you can work toward random goals of your own that only occur to you because you can see your stats.

I love the Dr. Strangelove name–maybe the conditions should be riding one of each kind of bug or riding for a certain amount of time. Or those could be different goals. There are a lot of different bugs you can ride. Even the platform ones…if you swallow them and spit them out and land, you can ride them like any other bug. Which you can technically do with a bomber bug but then that’s just the same as a golden bug, isn’t it? I like the idea of hopping on a bombing bug as a goal too. I’ve done most of the riding, but not the hopping.

And the not touching the ground one–that would awesomely fun to do…though there is no level as of yet where you can that quite yet, so that would be a much larger modification.

I don’t know, but I’m hoping that the goals will be a combination of things that happen naturally and things that take skill. So that if a user looks at them they aren’t things that they haven’t worked towards or done at all naturally in game play, but to accomplish they take skill at the game and they either happen naturally in the course of the game as you work towards the game goal or they are things where you go back and you have part of the goal down (or you at least know how to do it) but you now play the game with that accomplishment in mind. At least IMO they should take skill and time but not be totally out of reach. That’s where I’m coming from, frame of mind wise.


Actually it isn’t that hard to backtrack through Dungeon Blocks (but only after you leave it, then come back) - you just have to do some blind running jumps.
And since I don’t know of any other places that would be a problem for it, “Sir Robin” is not out. :slight_smile:


No, it’s not…I did it myself last night after I realized that white blocks restart themselves no matter which way you enter the room.

I did all of Sir Robin actually, and if you’ve just gone through the castle, especially if you’ve done it more then once, and it’s very quick and easy. There are lots of long jumps down that take you from the end of a level to almost the beginning and everything is shooting the opposite way.

But it also depends on what is meant by “Return to the forest by foot from Milgram’s tower”. Going from the little empty level after dungeon blocks back to Hanging Platforms? Or back to Bon Bosque? Back to Foreboding Forest? Because going backwards through the forest (I went back to Bon Bosque) is way harder then backwards through the tower. I went through Bug Mining at least 5 times before I found the entrance to the level (which was my exit in this case).

Idk, but just going backwards through the castle levels I found fairly easy and fast. Maybe go back through without dying? It’s more Sir Robin-esque and makes it harder. You have to get the platform jumps in Dungeon Blocks exactly right and you have to go much more slowly through the other levels because while there are lots of falls and jumps through to the beginning of the level, some of them are deadly pits that are practically impossible to get out of. My only other thought would be going backwards through the castle without killing anyone, but that seems really really hard. Those little white ball creatures can die in the most idiotic accidental ways.

At any rate, while the goal is not out, I think it should be very much in, I would do something to make it harder (don’t die, don’t get hurt, don’t kill) or make it longer (not just to the end of the forest but somewhere farther). Just, my opinion from having done it in it’s current form.


[quote=“marcavis, post:27, topic:100”]Actually it isn’t that hard to backtrack through Dungeon Blocks (but only after you leave it, then come back) - you just have to do some blind running jumps.
And since I don’t know of any other places that would be a problem for it, “Sir Robin” is not out. :)[/quote]

There isn’t a place that’s a problem through the entire game. It’s actually possible to go back from the little unnamed level after Dungeon Blocks all the way to Frogatto’s backyard. I don’t know if it actually is faster going backwards or it’s just feels like that because you’re falling down instead of waiting for the little pulleys.


I think our levels were nominally made to go both ways, but I think there is a ratchet effect in that most of our puzzles were designed going left-to-right.


yeah…nothing is being catapulted at you and all the doors are unlocked, levers pulled, etc

is there a distinct level where the forest changes into the caves? because if you make that level the level you have to run play back to for Robin Hood that would be a way better goal then just escaping the castle?

this is totally OT, but after you beat Milgram, the kitties go away, but Milgram pods and Milgram blocks remain and the enormous dudes launching bombs, and it would be nice if either more was cleaned up, or there was stuff to do after beating Milgram.

Like after you beat Milgram you could go back and get rid of all the pod launchers only this time, once you did it, it would be the last time—same with the guys launching bombs, and the Milgram blocks.

Maybe the same with some of the animals or even plants. Did the flying bugs always carry bombs or were they pushing Milgram’s forces back into the castle? Did the plants always need to shoot fire? Maybe there could be some sort of way to help return some of the bugs and animals to how they were before Milgram charged through their land, and it would add a little to the back story.

Or after you beat the Elder boss and the houses change, there’s new stuff there to do.

One thing I’d really like is if the bug collecting guy (Secluded Hut) was a real collector. Collected EVERY type of ant, then when that collection was finished he moved on to beetles (he’s already have the one’s you couldn’t put in your mouth in the collection). And then he could open a collection of rare other creatures (he’d already have to have fumpers and stuff), but he might even want Milgram pods and blocks.

His house could be a bit like a museum–new rooms would open as needed. I can even picture bringing in that bug that can be a fish and vice versa. You bring one in and it goes in a glass case that has water and rocks and the water rises and falls and the fish becomes a bug and crawls around and then goes back in the water. He of course already any fish you cant capture. And glass cases instead of cages – it’s a bit barbaric and ironic, after all, you go around trying to free creatures from cages and then you go and stick a bug in one of those same cages. Cages are more like “I’m studying this animal in that I’m poking it with a stick.” With glass cases he could still be studying the animals without the whole “I bought these cages wholesale from Milgram” vibe, and after having finished the challenged, it would look a bit more like a museum. And they could have mini habitats in theirs cases. And instead of trying to spit exactly in the cage, you could just hand in over to the mole.

Just some OT thoughts


Sir Robin != Robin Hood. Two different dudes.

Sir Robin:


Brave Sir Robin… Who nearly stood up to the vicious chicken of bristol and who personally wet himself at the battle of Baden Hill.


I know who Sir Robin is…but I’m also guessing that my post was probably somewhere around 3 in the morning. I’m surprised my brain could make any coherent connections at that time. That’s why when I can’t sleep I stop doing real work, and ramble on here. It would be destructive to my real life.

Dude, I now have the sound of coconuts clomping in my head and it’s going to last forever. It always does.

Sir Robin != Robin Hood. Two different dudes.

Sir Robin:[/quote]


it’s gonna be exciting! let’s have to have that game instead! i can’t wait any longer!!! :slight_smile:


How about one (credit to Shadowmaster) for getting that big coin in the air, early on?


Further ideas (and a bit of a gravedig):

[ul][li]Dine in Darkness - Extinguish all the candles the kitties are dining to in kitty-dormitory.[/li]
[li]Apologist - Extinguish a candle, then light it straight away.[/li]
[li]Attention Get - Shoot the white gun straight up, into the ceiling, with an enemy kitty on-screen. Would be funnier with a non-blocking animation/one-liner. Western reference?[/li]
[li]I’m Not Lost! - Play a level (not just idle on it) for 20 min.[/li]
[li]Beckham’d - Bounce off a kitty’s head into a bottomless pit. (Not sure if I got the reference right. Something soccery.)[/li][/ul]


Into Hammerspace it Goes - activate a teleporter with something other than the player character.


Gathering of the Jugglers. Spit an enemy into the air and swallow it again before it hits the ground 3 times in 10 seconds.

Get me down from here! Bounce on the same spring 10 times without touching the ground.

Seriously, how does this work? Teleport from one teleporter to the same teleporter 3 times in a row.

Friendly Flower: Kill an enemy with damage from a shooting plant.


Terrible listener: Skip conversations with three different NPCs.

(By that, I mean press escape while talking to them)