A redesign of the titlescreen


What do you think?
It’s rather annoying that the logo is the background rather than an object. And I’m not so sure I like the platform in the middle. It might look nicer with that removed.

Of course if this is not wanted at all I’ll just move along, but if a new title-screen would be appreciated then I will try to refine it however needed.

edit: Sadly this was turned down. I will be working on an addon that replaces the title-screen with a sort of sandbox practice mode.


I think it’s pretty sweet!

The reason I like this style better than our current opening screen is that the current screen just seems so dark and ominous… or at the worst, blank. This title screen you’ve conjured is lively and colorful. And since it is the first screen people playing the game will be seeing, it really does help in possibly setting a tone


I’m glad you like it. Here’s an update: (It looks a bit funny as it’s two screenshots pasted together)
I’ve got a door for the eventual multiplayer, but that will probably have to be revised later. Besides just changing the map I’ve made a few other changes.

[ul][li]Save toilets now give the option to return to the titlescreen. Using this option will not erase your character.[/li]
[li]Once teleporters are unlocked a save door and teleporter will appear in the titlescreen if your game is loaded. This essentially turns every save toilet in the game into a quick way to access a teleporter. And possibly later on an easy way to heal if I add a water cooler to the titlescreen.[/li]
[li]I’m working on creating a sandbox/practice mode that will be accessible from the titlescreen as well as some multiplayer levels based on the some of the things I was told about the planned multiplayer.[/li][/ul]

It is worth noting that if you save in the menu via control s before unlocking teleporters in the game you will break your save and be forced to start a new game. I cannot fix this until the game gets FML configurable keyboard shortcuts. When the mod is finished I recommend not applying it until you have teleporters unlocked in your save. Then everything will be perfectly fine for you.

The “Return to titlescreen” option in the menu unloads the current save, but the option on save toilets will not.

I plan to make it so any score or gold you collect in sandbox mode will not affect the single player campaign. The two scores will be stored separately and swapped out when needed. This’d be easier if the game supported multiple save files, which I’m told it eventually will.

edit: One last thing, I mentioned adding a watercooler, before I do that I have to figure out a way other than saving to make the game remember which save toilet you came from, so that feature isn’t guaranteed.


I think if you made the logos transparent so you just seen the writing it would be bang on


I’m not gonna comment on the design itself right now (really, really tired), but it would be rather easy to make a logo object and place it on the screen. If you wanna learn some FML, it’s a perfect task. You can easily take the background image, take out the black and make it transparent. Then make an object with one animation with one frame. I kinda forget how to add it to the editor, but just look at how something else does it.


My suggestion:


Put a frame in the title. I suggest a scroll.