2D top-down space shooter demo


You as a spaceship fly a gauntlet of small ships and the occasional big ship shooting at you in a top-down scroller. Nice end-boss.


Technical Instructions:
Back up frogatto. Replace the folders in the frogatto folder (where the binary is) with the ones in the .zip file.


[ul]172. Changed to .zip format, small updates to units.
171. Spruced up the small saucer attack pattern, changed size of minidrone, and added the jaafu fighter with slightly more advanced attack pattern. No more first level, sadly. Still issues with player-ship collisions.
170. First upload.[/ul]


This is really cool. has any progress been made on this?



However, I might pick this back up someday. Recently, I’ve been working a game called TileCiv. It’s maybe ? done, code-wise. :-\ I’m not sure how long getting assets (art, music, campaign writing) will take… I should make a thread for that, actually.



Too bad. It looked very promising. Oh well. Good luck on your game. :slight_smile:

Some of the tracks in frogatto would probably work okay with a shmup. Feel free to use them if they prove helpful to you.



I haven’t investigated music, yet, as I’d prefer to have a program to present before I go asking for art. I’m sure I’ll be able to use some of the Frogatto tracks - I was thinking of asking you if you’d like to make some custom tracks for the game, but again - I’d like to actually have the game before I do that! :wink: It might crash and burn yet.


I appreciate the consideration. Unfortunately my time is definitely a bit crunched right now. I really have to prioritize working on the main gigs first. :confused:

I would feel a bit better providing music for this shmup based on the frogatto engine… but whatever floats your … airship.

Good luck!


No worries. :slight_smile:
(The TileCiv game is written using the Frogatto engine, too.)