Tempo Village Dialogue

mordoc,		[~Hey, who are you?~],
player,		[~Some jerk.~],
mordoc,		[~No, really.~],
player,		[~I'm Frogatto.\\nI'm from over in Crevice Village.~],
mordoc,		[~Really?  Man, we\\ndon't get many folks from there lately.~],
			[~Used to be,\\nthey were here every day.~],
player,		[~Really?  How did that work?~],
mordoc,		[~Well, we had a lot of trade going back and forth~],
			[~Maybe this was before your time?~],
player,		[~Yeah, I think when Tarman and Mickel\\npassed away, that really just kinda ....~],
			[~... just kinda took the fire out of it.~],
mordoc,		[~That guy made the best shoes.~],
player,		[~I know, right?\\nI miss that guy.~],
			[~Such a cool, kooky old dude.~],
mordoc,		[~Yeah.  Hail, to the fallen, man.\\nReal shame to see him go...~],
			[~Least he died peaceful, though, right?~],
player,		[~Both of them.\\nAh, well... What can anyone do?~],
mordoc,		[~Speaking of stuff...\\nwhat happened to the whole fish thing?~],
player,		[~The whole fish thing?~],
mordoc,		[~Yeah, we used to sell all sorts of fish to you guys.\\nWhat happened to that?~],
player,		[~Uhh... wow, you're not doing that anymore?~],
mordoc,		[~As a mmatter of fact, no.~],
player,		[~You know...\\nI think that might have been the Dergals...~],
			[~We actually made friends with some of them in the last few years.~],
			[~I guess I never really thought about it,\\nbut I imagine we've started buying\\na lot of fish from them.~],
			[~I mean, it's not like they really make much else~],
mordoc,		[~They're not the brightest bulbs in the batch, huh?~],
player,		[~Haha, nope.~],
mordoc,		[~Well, I'd better get back to work...\\nHope I'm not being a jerk here.~],
player,		[~Oh no, not at all.\\nHave a good one.~],

kibbek,		[~Did you come from Crevice Village?~],
player,		[~Yeah, how'd you know?~],
kibbek,		[~You have the look.~],
player,		[~The ... <em>what</em>?~],
			[~What the heck...\\nwe all look totally different!~],
			[~Hell, we're all totally different species, no less...~],
kibbek,		[~It's a subtle thing.\\nThere's sort of a cohesive trend to how you look.~],
			[~Listen - nevermind;\\nI hope that wasn't offensive or anything.~],
player,		[~No, no, just ... odd, I guess.~],
kibbek,		[~Anyways, it's nice to see someone from down there.\\nWhat brings you here?~],
player,		[~Uh, to make a long story short,\\nI'm trying to get to Milgram's castle.~],
kibbek,		[~Ouch.  You're doing that on foot?~],
player, 	[~That bad, huh?~],
kibbek,		[~Yeah, to pull that off, you have to ... oof...~],
			[~Yeah, you'll have to go through the swamp.\\nThat's gonna be rough.~],
			[~You know, rather than explaining that myself,\\nI think I'll offload that on Whatran.~],
player,		[~Who?~],
kibbek,		[~He's the guard over at the bridge.\\nEast side of town.~],
			[~He's got nothing to do but stand around there,\\nso you can go bug him about it.~],
			[~I've gotta get back to work.~],
player,		[~Sounds cool.  Thanks.~],

ubgir,		[~Hey there, how can I help you?~],
player,		[~Good question.  This is a store?~],
ubgir,		[~Yup!\\nWe've got a whole bunch of stuff, here.~],
			[~I'm not actually sure how much you're interested in,\\njudging by appearances.~],
			[~I mean, we mostly specialize in salted and smoked fish,\\nbut... uh...~],
player,		[~Ick.~],
ubgir,		[~Haha, yeah, I had a feeling that might be your reaction.~],
			[~Regardless, we do have some stuff that travelers\\nwould find useful, so by all means, take a look.~],
player,		[~Yeah, will do.~],

player,		[~Say, I was wondering...~],
			[~You guys have these cool tree-houses and such...\\nWhat's up with that?~],
ftagn, 		[~Ah, you know,\\nI'm not sure I've ever thought about that.~],
			[~Let's see...\\n...hmm.~],
player,		[~Well, isn't that sort of thing usually is\\nto protect against something on the ground?~],
			[~Like rising floodwaters and such, right?~],
ftagn,		[~Yeah...  it doesn't happen very often,\\nbut yeah, we do get spring flooding.~],
			[~I think that's the answer.~],
			[~That, and keeping those\\ndamn rabbits out of the pantry.~],
player,		[~Hahah, yeah, tell me about it.\\nI hate those things.~],