Spanish Translation (confusion of Transifex process)


I opened a Transifex account, downloaded the Spanish PO file, filled in most, if not all, of the remaining blanks but am a little confused on how to submit my file.

Initially I thought requesting to join the translation team would be enough but then I realized the coordinator of that team only opened his account about 2 weeks ago, half of said time he’s been inactive so I don’t know if I should await a response or seek an alternate method of contribution.

Either way I have uploaded the file to my transifex account but because I can’t post links for some reason, I’ll attach it to this post as well.

frogatto_es.po (146.3 KB)


First of all, thanks for taking your time in helping us with the translation!

So, Cristian, the coordinator of that translation team, has had a busy week, but before that he was working quite productively on the translation - taking it from ~50% to over 80% in a couple of days.
I’ll defer to him the decision on how best to make use of this contribution - it’s not that we don’t want or need the help, but I think it’s wise to let one person oversee the style of the translation as a whole.
Also, working based on a forked frogatto.pot is a bit awkward - while the original script is mostly stable, we’ve in the last couple of days changed some strings, which would make the translations “fuzzy”, thus needing confirmation, when we get it up-to-date with the potfile.

So, watch this space! We’ll have a look at this upload soon; by the way, in what parts of the script have you worked on, mostly? It’s a bit hard to tell - the diffs with the other translation are a bit messy, since transifex and our translation merging script handle the syntax of the .po files a little differently from each other.


Mostly I filled in the parts about the highscores i.e. “You got the high score in [level name]” and “The high score was [current high score]”. Pretty sure I hit all of them unless they’re not all in order.
I also filled in a few gaps here and there, for example the dialogue about “yeah but…Geez, caves now?” (not verbatim) and a bit of the iOS store metadata (metadata: 7, 9, 13 & 14).
Also, for what it’s worth, achievement 73 (<-not sure I should get credit for that being there’s no Spanish word for “Jackalope” but it’s better than displaying nothing.)


The answer is Woolseyism.

Jackalope doesn’t quite work, yeah - so try something less literal, for something as bouncy as that - so, if you were writing the original script for an achievement awarded for jumping on enemies repeatedly, what would you write?
In my case, when translating to Brazilian Portuguese, I referenced a song from a popular children’s entertainer in Brazil. Specifically, a part of the lyrics which means something like “the toad jumps and jumps, jumps and makes a ruckus”.
Keep in mind that I call Frogatto a “sapo” (toad) in my translation, as “r?” (frog) is a feminine noun, and the distinction between “sapo” and “r?” is quite fuzzy to the average person anyway - one’d likely call a random Anura a “sapo”.

[me=marcavis]runs away in embarrassment[/me]