[Solved]Concerns about the usage data upload feature


Frogatto is great with its “classic” feel, just like Wesnoth. The style is even more familiar to us Chinese gamers as we played far more platformers than hex-based strategy games back in the good old days. :slight_smile: And I will definately introduce this game to my friends. Meanwhile, there’s something that concerns me, namely:

Could the usage data upload feature be optionally turned off?

Nowadays, many computer users are just suspicious about any software that does automatic data upload, and it’s not like everyone could read the source code and make sure that nothing private is uploaded. Here in China we just had two giant internet company fighting over user privacy (while both are believed to be far from innocent). So may I suggest adding an option to prevent the auto upload? Thanks in advance.


Sure, just use --no-send-stats on the command line and no data will be uploaded.



Thanks. :slight_smile:


Froggatto is great!!! But I think that option should be in the Option Menu, for novice users.