Ringlark Dialogue


There should be an alternate dialogue choice; the player shouldn’t be forced to say this.

Frogatto: Wow. You look magical.
Ringlark: Uh… thanks?
Frogatto: If I catch you, do you have to grant me a wish?
Ringlark: Did that seriously just fall out of your mouth?
Frogatto: Sorry, I was just-
Ringlark: No, no, let’s really explore this here. So you think that I get bound to anyone who walks up and grabs me…
Frogatto: …yes…
Ringlark: …and I just live in this village here? With a few dozen neighbors?
Frogatto: Sure, why not?
Ringlark: Neighbors who would never stop trying to catch me?
Frogatto: I dunno. Maybe you’re really fast?
Ringlark: Fast, and tired from always needing to look over my shoulder? Lest I get manhandled by every boob who comes walking by?
Frogatto: Or maybe there’s a limit of one wish per person?
Ringlark: Okay. So you think everyone in town caught me once, and now I can relax because they have no reason to keep trying?
Frogatto: Seems plausible.
Ringlark: Have you seen some of the goobers that live in this area?
(Ringlark shows some images of Tempo inhabitants)
Ringlark: Did you catch this guy riding his sweet motorcycle?
Frogatto: No…
Ringlark: Have you seen this gal’s collection of long-lost art?
Frogatto: I have not.
Ringlark: Did this person tell you about their business venture that’s taken the world by storm?
Frogatto: Not as of yet.
Ringlark: Huh. It’s almost as if they’ve never been granted any wishes before.
Frogatto: Okay, okay. I’ll see myself out.

(upon subsequent conversation attempts)
Ringlark: And before you ask, no, I can’t read your mind. For which I am grateful.