Regarding power shot


I find it sometimes irritating, when I have to flip a switch or pick up a key, while having power shot activated with screenful of power left. I know it takes seconds to go away, yet these are seconds I spend standing still, waiting. It just irks me sometimes. Feel free to ignore.

What I propose is either:

[ul][li]Make power shot bullets flip switches just like tongue does.[/li]
[li]Create a method for quickly discharging power shot. Maybe firing a bigger bullet or whatnot after pressing fire for couple of seconds.[/li]
[li]Add a method to un-learn power shot. With or without receiving financial compensation. While I find this power up handy in erasing throngs of enemies, I think it takes away the fun of swallof-and-spit combat. More often do I wish I hadn’t bought it than I’m glad I had.[/li][/ul]


First proposal was implemented minutes ago; now any of Frogatto’s attacks triggers the levers.


Glad to hear it.

That leaves waiting for power shot to discharge in order to pick up a key (or a golden ant >:()… but I guess I can live with that.


As some point, we’re likely to completely overhaul the power shot. I’ve mentioned elsewhere the idea of “powerups”, where you’re able to get for example, a fire powerup. The central idea, which eliminates the issues with the current powerups, would be using the “d” key to toggle between abilities (with regular frogatto being considered one of them).

Abilities would no longer be timed, either, and it’s quite possible they would just work indefinitely. We’d want some sort of tradeoff so they always remain useful. The fire-ability would be a short stream of high-damage fire in front of frogatto’s mouth - it’s tradeoff would be high damage, but virtually no range at all.

The power shot, if it even remained, would be redone like those.

(Side note: also, most of these abilities are likely to be given as quest rewards, rather than bought in chopple’s shop. Chopple’s shop will remain for tongue upgrades, spit empowering, and the heart upgrade.)


Great. :slight_smile:

Plus, eventually, upgrades to abilities?