Post-Mushroom-Boss Dialogue


Berd: What the hell was that?

Frogatto: (3 choices)

1-"An abomination."
Frogatto: An abomination. A sick parody of nature.
Frogatto: And hopefully, the source of all this corruption.
Berd: You think that was causing it? Why?
Frogatto: Oh, I don’t have any evidence.
Frogatto: But I choose to believe that, because otherwise, something else created THAT.
Frogatto: And I will never sleep again knowing that something even more awful is out there.
Berd: That’s a fair assumption.
Berd: And I think you’re right, for that matter.
Berd: The air up there is starting to get a little less dark.
Berd: Plus, I was just scouting the area from above, and it looks like this is right in the middle of the polluted region.
Berd: There’s about another mile of ruined swampland, and then it starts clearing up.
Berd: The caves aren’t far past that. Keep heading in this direction, and you should find them.
Frogatto: Thanks, Berd!
Berd: No problem. I’ll be in touch!

2-"Let’s never speak of this."
Frogatto: Never speak of this again.
Berd: I know, right? I didn’t get a good view of it, but-
Berd: What? What does my face have to do with this?
Frogatto: I’m gonna kill it next if it keeps saying its dumb face stuff!
Berd: That’s not very nice.
Frogatto: I know! So MAYBE you should leave me alone!
Berd: Okay! Geez!

3-"My new pal!
Frogatto: My new pal! We played Canasta.
Berd: Really? You didn’t seem like you were getting along that well.
Frogatto: Well, I caught him trying to meld a trey while the discard pile was frozen and I was trying to impose a 10,000 point penalty.
Berd: I don’t think you know how to play Canasta.
Frogatto: I haven’t a clue. I didn’t expect you to believe me.
Berd: I didn’t believe you, but I wanted to see how long you could keep that story up. You didn’t impress me.
Frogatto: Damn you, Berd! You’ve beaten me at my own game!

So then, I assume Berd will stick around after the conversation. Here’s what he’ll say depending on what option you picked:

Frogatto: Hey Berd, which way did you say to the caves?
Berd: That way.
Frogatto: Thanks!

Frogatto: Hey Berd, I’m sorry for what I said to you there.
Berd: You should be! I know you’re under a lot of stress, but that was uncalled for.
Frogatto: I’m not trying to justify it, but I just came very close to an inglorious death rotting in the belly of a poisonous hatefungus.
Frogatto: I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of questions, and I thought I conveyed that very directly, but I didn’t feel that you were respecting that.
Berd: Oh. I’m sorry for prodding you. I only asked because I was concerned about you.
Frogatto: I appreciate that, but… where were you that whole time? You knew I was in trouble and you stayed up in the sky.
Frogatto: And now you’re down here as soon as the trouble’s over, asking me what happened.
Frogatto: I hope you can see how I might find that irritating.
Berd: Of course. But what was I going to do?
Berd: That thing was giving off so many toxic vapors, I couldn’t get close.
Berd: And you want something to never speak of? You should have seen the way the trees were looking at me!
Frogatto: Wait, wh-
Berd: And it’s not like I’ve been twiddling my thumbs this whole journey.
Frogatto: You don’t have any-
Berd: EXACTLY! I’ve been flying above you all along, making sure you’re headed the right way.
Berd: Which has been more exhausting than I think you realize; I’m faster than you, so I have to keep flying in circles all day or I’ll lose you.
Berd: Especially with how hard it is to see you through all these damn trees.

(If Frogatto used Force Talisman during previous fight)
Berd: And it looks like you’re putting that Force Talisman to good use.
Berd: You’re welcome.
(If Frogatto didn’t use Force Talisman during previous fight)
Berd: And maybe you’d think I was more helpful if you were actually USING that Force Talisman I gave you!

Frogatto: Oh. Right. I didn’t even think of that.
Frogatto: I’m sorry Berd, I didn’t take your contributions into account.
Berd: It’s all right. I’m glad you’re doing this, and I’m happy to be helping.
Berd: Just tone it down with the aggression, would you?
Berd: I know you’re a good guy, but someone else might take it the wrong way.
Berd: You could get yourself into serious trouble like that.
Frogatto: Okay. I’ll pay more attention to that.
Frogatto: Take care, Berd.

Berd: You know, if you’d like to learn to play Canasta, I could-