Mac-Appstore Update



i’ve downloaded the new update for frogatto today. First of all i’d like to say that the RPG-tests look very interesting and i am very curious about the following development. Few other things:
I think the arcade-mods are somehow to hard. A bit slower couldn’t harm :wink:
After installing the update i can’t create new maps anymore. The game crashes after i choose a title for the new map.
Where can i look at my achievements?!

greets and thanks for this game,


That’s my handiwork; kinda cool some people actually poked around and found it. There are a few threads about it over in the Frogatto Mods Subforum.

Hard to say; it’s quite possible their initial pace might be a bit too aggressive; all of us are way too good at this game.

Look in Console (in your utilities folder), and post us the error messages/crash log that happens when thsi happens.

You can’t, right now. We don’t have certain gui components that’d be necessary to display those. If this were a mac-only program, it’d be trivial to just use the built-in OS ones, but this is a platform-agnostic thing, so if we want them, we need to build them from scratch.