Achievements Achieved - A List

Here's the [achievement] data: [code]Nature Boy, 412, Pocket Money, 4402, Jackalope, 103, Rampage!, 1773, Geosynchronous Orbit Achieved, 4, Win!, 119, Speedrun, 5, Grudge, 1620, Dream on..., 5, Gold Hoarder, 1, Cube Chain, 959[/code]

There’s no 0s, but there is one 1, and a 4 and two 5s.

I think that these low values could possibly be from testing, but I’m not sure if the development version I was working on uploaded stats. I think it would be a good idea to make these much easier. Jackalope, which I was worried about, has been achieved 103 times - it seems perfectly achievable. Assuming that anyone who started the game got the large coin in the second level, 2.7% of the people who start the game finish it. I don’t know how this compares to other games, but it seems low. I think we should lower ‘gold hoarder’ to 90%, as asking people to find every single secret area and chest is a bit excessive. It is, quite simply, impossible as it stands.

What are your thoughts?


Among other things we’ve discussed, one of these days…

marcavis: so, I've been thinking for quite some time that we should probably switch to having our gold be more like zelda, where it's not completely set in stone (e.g. where monsters and map actions can create a very small amount of gold for the player, which can be spent on consumable stuff). Mostly because, without that, we essentially can't have consumable items... period. Technically speaking, we can, but it's one of those game design decisions that's absolutely verboten in my book. We can't right now, agreed Unless the total play-time of a game is less than ~30min, you pretty much should never have non-renewable consumables (unless they have some permanent effect), because they'll never get used by conservative players. E.g. people like me - we'll always hold onto them, waiting for the "even more optimal" use case that never comes. Same, not gonna spend my FULL HEAL's with minibosses, etc. Yeah. c.f. the "green dream" accessory in Chono Trigger. :c Worked exactly like the fairies in zelda, except there was only one, and it could only be used once, and then it was gone forever. waitwait, some googling tells me that it can be used once per battle And chrono could cast a spell that had the same effect, plus it used up an incredibly-valuable accessory slot you couldn't re-equip in battle. (I didn't know about the green dream before) Wait what? WHAT?!? x'D hahahah, oh man Shows how much I used it. :c ouch well, the point still stands, though In fact, it reinforces the point; people are so afraid of losing it that they never risk to use it, even though it's not lost after all QED. Well, by issuing more currency, we'll probably have some inflation in chopple's prices ;) heh, quite true, moreover.

Let’s hold off on doing that right now, since we may make the coin supply infinite, in practice. Though… just setting it to 1000, or a higher value, wouldn’t hurt now.
The problem is that doing so will make coin collecting in levels less compelling, so we’ll have to think about that first.


We could have a second currency for perishable items, perhaps obtained via those energy cubes or something. That might be making things more complex than we want, though.